What We Do

Laxton Glass LLP was built on a wealth of knowledge and experience – things that you cannot find in a book or at a training course. Insight, innovation, diligent and creative problem solving and honest advice exemplify the approach which our firm developed in the early years. This has been ingrained by the founding partners, Edward Laxton, Jesse Glass and Fred Swartz, in the next generation of partners, Stanley Tessis, Vance Cooper and Jamie Pollack, and continuing to our associates, law clerks and legal assistants. Each of us adheres to another of Edward Laxton’s guiding principles: “If you look after the problems of your clients, your law practice will look after itself.”

While it is true that the practice of law has changed over the years and is more business-oriented than ever, Eddie’s adage is as true today as it was when the firm was founded. We view your insurance problems as our problems and your business as our business. We promise, above all else, to help solve problems and help your bottom-line.

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