How We Do It

• Attention to detail – we review all aspects of the matter carefully and conscientiously with a view toward the bottom line result and resolution of the matter.

• Preparation – we prepare thoroughly and rigorously. This leads to confident presentation of your position at mediation, hearings and trials and produces successful results.

• Timely reporting and communication – we report as frequently as you require and with as much or as little detail as you need. We acknowledge new assignments immediately (usually the same day or next day) and provide our opening synopsis report within 10 to 20 working days of our receipt of your assignment (once again, depending on your needs). We report on discoveries within 10 to 20 working days of the event and on major events in the claim (pre-trial conferences, pre-hearings and mediations to name a few) within 5 business days or less (depending on your needs). Timely reporting leads to the timely resolution of claims.

• Pro-activity – we don’t follow, we lead. We try to engage opposing counsel in early dialogue so that we can explore the resolution of the claim, if that is appropriate, or find out current information about the claim to assist in developing options for its resolution. This early overture to opposing counsel leads to the setting of early dates in the proceeding (exchange of documents, discovery, pre-hearings, mediation and the like).

• Availability – we are here for you. You don’t need to have an open file with us in order to call and receive timely advice or counsel on a problem, issue or question. We routinely provide such advice over the phone at no cost or obligation to you.

• Trying and arbitrating cases – while we strive to keep our clients out of courts and hearings, on the theory that it is often not in our clients interests to do battle in court or at arbitration, occasions arise when there is no other means of resolving a claim than at a trial or hearing. We are experienced, aggressive trial counsel. We achieve success at trial, arbitration and on appeal. We have an enviable track record of success.

• Good results – while this is invariably a subjective evaluation, our clients consistently tell us how pleased they are with the results and how pleased they have been with the conduct of the claim and its resolution.

• Fair fees – whether you are looking at hourly rates, blended hourly rates, total fees per claim, total time the claim remains open in our hands or other measures to evaluate our fees, you will find our fees to be fair and reasonable. We provide detailed billing so that you can be fully satisfied in that regard.

• Strong mentoring - our senior lawyers spend time training, supervising and mentoring our less senior associates. We believe that one of our prime assets is our people and we invest in them to your betterment. We conduct ongoing in house education to enhance the skills and abilities of our staff.

• Innovation – we continue to strive to “build a better mouse trap”. Whether this means the development and implementation of “single page reporting” or otherwise, we work with you to make your task easier.

• Appropriate use of human resources – we believe in assigning the claim, or tasks within the claim, to the person who can best handle the claim or tasks incidental to the claim at the lowest cost to you.

• Appropriate use of technology – we have and will continue to spend considerable money and time acquiring or upgrading hardware and software or at training sessions to remain at the leading edge of technology so we can efficiently process work and communicate with you.

• Focus on the target and solve the problem - some lawyers focus on the immediate issue at hand and devote considerable time and resources, notably your money, to debate that issue. We maintain our focus on your ultimate goal in relation to any given claim and will not waste time and money fighting about things which do not impact in a material way on your objectives and the resolution goal which we have developed together.

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